Virginia Richmond Mission fun facts

• Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War. So much history!


• Virginia is one of 4 states in the country that are recognized as commonwealths. I’m not sure just exactly what this means, but it sounds pretty cool!

• The first representative legislature was founded in Jamestown, in 1619. Jamestown was also the first permanent English settlement in North America. Most importantly, however, Jamestown is the setting for the story of Pocahontas and John Smith!


• The Revolutionary War ended in Yorktown, Virginia in 1781. Many of the great battle sites have been preserved.


• Monticello, the home and creation of Thomas Jefferson, stands just outside of Charlottesville, the home of the University of Virginia.


• The earliest settlements of America are founded in Virginia. Three of these settlements have been preserved today.

• Sir Walter Raleigh established the very first English colony in 1585 on Roanoke Island in Pimilco Sound, near Elizabeth City, North Carolina. This is where the first English child was born in America: Virginia Dare, 1587. Later, all of the colonists disappeared, making it known today as the “Lost Colony.” I do love a good mystery!

• Kitty Hawk, North Carolina marks the place where Orvil and Wilber Wright made their first powered flight in 1903. With a former Naval Aviator for a father, this fact is especially exciting.


• Average annual rainfall is 44 in. by the coast and 36 in. by the mountains. Coming from the Panhandle of Texas, this whole moisture thing will be a new world for me.

These facts about Virginia’s history all came from the packet I received from my mission office. Reading all of them makes me so excited to live and serve there! Being a bit of a museum enthusiast, I know exactly what I want to do on my p-days!


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