MTC Week 1

I LOVE THE MTC! It’s so great! The Spirit here is amazing. You almost have to try NOT to feel it. And there are so many missionaries here! We had 740 report on March 13. Aaaaaand…the percentage of sisters is now….drumroll please…50%! That’s higher than it’s ever been! Ever! And it was only 25% a couple months ago! It was pretty crazy when I arrived though. After we said all our goodbyes, I was quickly swept away to the main building where I received my nametags (yes Mama they’re magnets!), my key, ID swipe card (which we call tarjetas de swipey), my spanish books, and my host, who escorted me to my classroom, where my teacher greeted me in Espanol and immediately began teaching. It was all a little overwhelming at first, but it’s so amazing! My companion’s name is Hermana Hernandez. She’s great. She’s already way good at Spanish, so even though she reported the same day as the rest of the district, she’s leaving next Monday. So I’ll probably have to join another companionship in our district. Speaking of my district, I love them! We have so much fun together! But we have enough sisters to keep the elders on track, so we also get a lot done. We’re the only district in our zone that already know Spanish, so we have a pretty big headstart on the other districts, which is a blessing. Also, our district is the first in MTC history to have more sisters than elders! How exciting is that? We have 6 hermanas and 5 elders, but as soon as my companera leaves then we’ll be tied. Not that it’s a race… But seriously our district is the best. They’ve all given me permission to include their names and pictures in my blog, so I don’t have to come up with any pseudonyms. Although I did have some pretty good ones for some of them ha. So there’s one Elder, Elder Fa’asa (for a while we called him Mufasa, but our Branch President told us to stop :( ), who got put into the intermediate/advanced class by accident. He’s never taken spanish before in his life. But you wouldn’t know that until someone told you, because he’s learning so quickly. We’re pretty sure he’s either lying or has el don de linguas. His companions are Elders Anderson and DuFour, so we call them El Trio. The other Elder companionship is made up of Elder Jefferson, our DL, and Elder Sailsberry. Besides Hermana Hernandez and I, the other two sister companionships are Hermanas Young and Stevenson, and Hermanas Laudie and Trentman. So real quick I gotta tell you some of the funny stuff that goes on in D. The other night our Zone leaders asked us how we would explain Nephites to those who didn’t know what they were. Elder Anderson started hitting Elder DuFour with his knees. Get it? “knee-fights?” Ha neither did we for a while. The other day, we were going through the days of the week, and I accidently said Tuesday as Juevos instead of Jueves. FYI, juevos are eggs. Ha they’re never going to let me live that one down. And then the other day in our district meeting, Elder Sailsberry was trying to get to the bottom of a rumor that was going around the MTC about something (sorry I don’t remember what), and he begun his question with…”La palabra del calle es….” Hahaha that was hilarious. We never even got to the rest of our meeting. And as we were preparing to teach our investigator, Elder Fa’asa, when asked what he was going to share, said, “I’m just gonna bear my testimony and then amen it.” If you’re not laughing, wait til you see a picture of Mufasa..uh..I mean Elder Fa’asa. And last but not least for los momentos comica in our district, for some reason Elder Jefferson decided that whenever we saw another member of the district around the MTC, we would yell out “Chanchos!” to the other (or “chanchas” for the hermanas). This literally means pigs, so we get some pretty strange looks from people who actually know what we’re calling each other ha. But it’s all done in love. It’s seriously been awesome. But even though it’s been fun, it’s also been a lot of hard work. And I mean a lot. We taught 3 investigators in groups the night we got there. It was really frustrating because even though we were speaking english, I could tell that nothing we were saying was getting through. And we weren’t even here for 48 hours before we had to teach our first investigator. In Spanish. Yeah. Our lesson on Friday was a complete fail. I had a really tough time understanding anything he said. At the end, he tried to tell me that he didn’t know how to pray the right way, but I thought he said “muertos” somewhere in there, and I was ready to jump into the Plan of Salvation. Thank goodness I was so shocked I didn’t have time to open my mouth before my companion answered him. And we were so concerned about using the correct grammar to convey the message, that he didn’t feel anything. But we knew what we did wrong as soon as we left, so the next day, we tried to use as little notes as possible and rely on the Spirit to teach. It was amazing. We got him to pray at the end and the Spirit was soooo strong. I started crying as soon as we left. Even though he didn’t accept our invitation to be baptized yet, he did agree to come to church with us and we will meet with him again tomorrow. I had no idea we would be thrown into Spanish so quickly. But I’m pretty sure that in the past few days I’ve already surpassed everything I learned in the last three years of high school. And the Spanish we use on the mission is totally different that what I learned before. But it’s so amazing. Every day we pray for el don de linguas and I know that the Lord is blessing us because there’s no way we would be able to learn so much so fast any other way. Also, I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a week yet. Every morning we get up at 5:45 to go to early morning gym class, and don’t go to bed until 10:30 at night with no rest time inbetween. It’s true that days really do feel like weeks. I haven’t been here long enough to know if weeks really do fly like days, but we will find out soon! Well, my 30 minutes is almost up and I still have to upload pictures, so I’ll leave you with my humble testimony that I know this is the Lord’s work. This is His Church. I know that my Redeemer lives. He loves us and wants us to come unto Him. His love is the most important thing that we can have to share with other people. We can talk at them all we want, but until they feel Christ’s love radiate through us, our message won’t be His. I love all of you. I hope you are all doing well and I can’t wait to hear from you! Don’t forget– is a missionary’s 4th best friend! Miss ya’ll!

Mucho amor,
Hermana Karson

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