MTC Week 3

I’ve just been informed that my Spanish is so stinkin’ good that they’re sending me straight to the field tomorrow. Actually, April Fools. I probably could have come up with a more believable fib, but my Spanish is still super rough. And I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks, but at the same time, I can’t believe I’m already half-way done with the MTC and will be leaving this month! We got a new district in our zone this last week and my whole district was wondering: “were we that lost when we first came?” But they’re really nice and they’re already a great addition to our zone.
This week was pretty rough for me. We received a new investigator named Walter. He doesn’t talk much, and our first lesson with him was a complete flop. We really struggle coming up with the right things to say and ask the investigators, so it’s really tough getting to know them and forming a relationship. It was no different with Walter. We had planned on spending most of the time getting to know him so we could get a grasp on his “hook,” or what would really catch his attention about the gospel. Because we didn’t know what his needs were, we figured we would kinda wing it and make up a lesson according to his needs as we found them. So yes, you read right. We didn’t prepare a lesson. We went in for the first lesson and just couldn’t seem to get anything out of him. I was really struggling with the language that lesson, probably more than I have in any lesson so far. I just could not seem to say anything that made sense. Finally I gave up and we left the lesson without teaching him any new doctrine, without finding our how he felt about religion or God, leaving him with any committments or anything to think about, or most importantly, without bringing the Spirit. We basically just wasted 20 minutes of his life and the Lord’s time. I think I hit a low after that. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. Why couldn’t I remember anything I had learned? I’d always done my best to be obedient to the rules, and make the most of my study time, and always prayed for the Spirit to guide me. It was a really rough few days. I was so frustrated and couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. Then one of the teachers, who was actually not even my assigned teacher pulled me aside, and after letting me blubber to him for a little while, kindly explained that it wasn’t about me. The most important thing I could do in a lesson was not to know how to teach the lesson in proper Spanish, but to bring the Spirit so that the investigator could start to make his/her own relationship with God. He chastised me a little bit for being prideful, which was a shock to me because I thought, “how on earth am I being prideful when I am so low?” But he helped me realize that pride isn’t always thinking you’re better than everyone else. It’s thinking about you more than everyone else. After that little wake-up call I tried my best to turn myself around. My companion and I prepared 139873456 times as much for Walter’s second lesson. We planned for days before the appointment. We spend every extra second planning and praying for Walter. We even finished our meals early in order to prepare for it. And it totally payed off. We went into the lesson yesterday with 20 minutes worth of material prepared about the Plan of Salvation. It was a dang good lesson if I don’t say so myself. We prayed earnestly before going in that we would know what he needed to hear. As soon as we got in we got to know him and his needs and we didn’t give up until we finally found his “hook.” He completely opened up to us and it was amazing. So while my companion was saying the opening prayer, I silently prayed again to know what to do. I remembered that verse in D&C that explains how we can know something is wrong because we will have a stupor of thought. After that, I could not remember a single thing I was supposed to say in our lesson. I panicked for a second, then the story of Alma the younger came to mind. I had no idea why. But as soon as the prayer was over, I told him that we had prepared to teach him about the Plan of Salvation, and we still would like to, but for this lesson, I felt it was more important to talk about prayer. He then opened up about how he didn’t feel good enough to pray to God because of all the mistakes he had made in his life and how God didn’t want to hear from him. Then I shared the story of Alma the younger and read the verses about how he was delivered from his guilt-by calling on the name of the Lord. He thought about that for a moment and said that he thought he understood. Then he asked, “Do you think God can forgive me too?” We wanted to cry we were so happy. We then explained about repentance and how we can be clean from sin. I shared a scripture from Mosiah 26:22. After reading it, he said, “So I can be clean by being baptized?” Then my companion and I looked at each other and she asked him to follow the example of Christ and be baptized. He explained that he didn’t know everything about our church, but he knew he felt good when we talked and that he wanted to be clean again, so he would really like to be baptized. So we promised to help him prepare for it! He was so excited. And I finally felt that joy that comes from bringing someone joy. Amazing. I want every lesson to be like that. I know that we were blessed in that lesson because we prepared so hard. Even though we didn’t use anything we had planned, we showed the Lord that we were serious and he blessed us with revelation when we needed it the most. So this week was great. Also….yesterday was Easter! We had a pretty great day hearing messages about the resurrected Christ. Our district read the last few chapters of Luke together and the Spirit was so strong. It really testified to me that Jesus is the Christ, and that he atoned for my sins and rose again the third day so that I can return to Him again. What a blessing to know this! Sheri Dew came and spoke to us in the evening, which was also pretty great. She is such an inspirational woman. The MTC is just so great! Well I’m pretty much out of time, but before I close, I just have to share the funny quotes from this week. There are lots, but I’ll share my favorites. Whenever someone says something sassy to Elder Fa’asa, he replies with the warning: “Hey Elder so-and-so (usually Elder Anderson), why is your eye black?” Ha it would be really scary since he’s a huge Samoan guy, but he’s such a teddy bear that everyone just cracks up. Then, I came into a conversation between Elder Jefferson and Hermana Joven and the wrong time, and heard Elder Jefferson say “yeah they’re like, my kids.” If I had been eavesdropping sooner I would have know he was talking about his sisters, but then I asked him “How many kids do you have?” and he replied with, “6.” Ha we got a kick out of that one. For clarification’s sake, Elder Jefferson is not and had never been a father. And last one. Elder Jefferson had gotten into a habit of saying “En farto. Es Verdad” to everything. We asked him what he was trying to say and he said it meant “In fact. It’s true.” We were pretty sure “en farto” didn’t mean in fact. But he said he heard it on a spanish tv show so it had to be right. So after asking a few people, we actually found out that he had been going around telling everyone, “Heart attack. It’s the truth.” He was sooo embarrassed haha. Good thing practically no one here actually understands enough Spanish to know that his new catch phrase was heart attack. Ha. Anyway, I love my district.
Well, that’s pretty much all I have time for this week, but there will most definitely be much more to share next week! I hope everyone is doing well and I can’t wait to hear back! Love y’all!
Hermana Karson

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