MTC Week 5

Only 9 days left here! I can’t believe it. It feels like we’ve lived here for about a year already so it’s weird that next week is really only the start of my mission. I’m nowhere near confident in Spanish or my teaching skills, but I can’t wait to do some real work. We have 4 investigators we are teaching lessons to now, and it’s kinda difficult to focus on each of them. Even though two of them are another companionship in our district and the other two are our teachers and we know they all already have the knowledge of the gospel, we still take it very seriously and it’s amazing to see how much we start to genuinely care and pray about these “investigators” to come closer to Christ and gain testimonies of His church. It scares me a little to think about how much pressure I’m going to feel to do everything right when they are real investigators who are actually searching for the truth in their lives. So it’s started to hit me this last week how hard missionary work is, but I love it so much. It’s amazing how fast the Lord is “hastening his work.” We had the opportunity to listen to a speaker yesterday at devotional who works for the media communications department of the Church, and it was amazing. He introduced a lot of the new campaigns that the Church is doing in London and New York to help inform people about what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is really about, instead of letting rumors cloud their vision. It’s really amazing the feedback that they’ve gotten and how people’s perceptions of the Church have changed just by getting information from the right sources. He told us how they’re doing some trial runs with missionaries in Great Britain by allowing them to use Twitter and other social media sites to answer people’s questions and get referrals of people who want to learn more about the Gospel. He explained how all of the work he does with media communications is proof of the work being hastened and how awesome it is that we have the opportunity as missionaries to be a part of it. I really do feel so blessed to be a missionary at this time. So much is changing and it’s really exciting to watch it all happen. This week I think I’ve caught my second wind and I’m absolutely stoked to give my whole heart, might, mind, and strength to the work of the Lord. I’m almost out of time, but no e-mail would be complete without the funny moments that remind me just how much I love my district. This week’s funny spotlight is all on Elder Fa’asa. Is anyone surprised? One day my companion and I had left the room and came back to find that Elder Fa’asa had used my lip gloss. Yeah. When I asked him about it he denied it at first, but it’s become pretty easy to recognize his guilty/lying face, so I kept asking him until he admitted that it was just lying on my desk (no it wasn’t, it was in my bag), and his lips were really chapped (then why didn’t he use his chapstick?), Elder Anderson told him he could (no he didn’t), he used his finger (guilty/lying face again), and he put it right back when he was done (then how did he find it “on my desk” and put it back where he found it in my bag?). Yeah. It’s about 20 times funnier with a picture, so I’ll try to send one later with him and his shiny pink lips. I’m probably going to have to do situps or something when I leave to make up for all the ab-workouts I won’t be getting from laughing so hard when our district is all split up. Well, my time is almost gone, so I’ll talk to y’all next week! Be safe. Love y’all.

Hermana Karson
Posted in MTC

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