MTC Week 6

So this was a pretty crazy week. There were definitely some miracles that happened. First off, this was our last week as a district together. So we had a bunch of stuff planned for Sunday like pictures and a testimony meeting and stuff, and our last class together on Saturday. Then Wednesday we had a wrench thrown in our plans as Elder Jeffe (Jefferson), got his visa and was to leave for Peru the next morning. That’s about how things work around here for the international missionaries (yay for stateside). So we had to throw a bunch of last minute things together and send off our first District leader by himself. After that our district wasn’t complete and the rest of the week was just kinda waiting for everyone else to leave. So a sad few days for sure. Then Wednesday, I’m sorry I forgot to mention it in my last e-mail, I sang a solo for the new missionary orientation meeting. I had to audition for it a couple weeks ago and then I got a notice in the mail saying when to show up. They had a little mix up and ended up having to put all of the new missionaries in the same meeting instead of splitting them into two rooms like they usually do, so I sang for about 800 people. It was pretty crazy. I think that’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever performed in front of. I sang Come Thou Fount, and it ended up going alright. I was worried because I’d had a cold and didn’t want to crack on the high notes. But it went alright. After that I thought I was recovering from my cold, but turns out no such luck. The next morning I woke up and didn’t have a voice at all. The day after that I still couldn’t speak, so I went to the doctor and he said I had a pretty good viral infection and my body fighting it so hard gave me laryngitis. So I spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday as a mute. Not fun. It was a nice excuse not to have to talk in class for the first two days, and on Friday my companion and I got to leave the MTC for little bit to go to the pharmacy at BYU, but after that I was tired of not being able to communicate. Saturday I started to get really worried that I wouldn’t be better in time to leave, and the doctor told me that if I wasn’t better by Monday that I may have to stay. So my whole district was praying that I’d get better and be able to leave. Sunday I woke up without a voice still, but as we went through the day it started to get better. It’s tradition in our branch for the departing district to sing a musical number in sacrament meeting, so we had prepared to sing Abide With Me, ’Tis Even’tide, which was kinda our theme song, but since I couldn’t sing I was a little left out. So Saturday evening Hermana Trentman and I switched so she would sing and I would accompany us on the piano instead. I hate accompanying, but I was grateful to be a part of it. Also, each week in Sacrament meeting 2 missionaries are called on the spot to go up and give a talk in Spanish. The Branch President had hinted to me that morning that I’d better get my voice back by 2 or I’d have to use big cards, so I was really nervous that I was going to have to speak. As they made the announcement that Hnas Young and Laudie were speaking this week, I thanked the Branch President in sign language on the stand and he pointed at me and said you’re welcome. The branch presidency got a real kick out of that..I’m still not sure why actually. But afterward he said that I was supposed to speak and got out of it because I was “fake sick.” So that was a perk. Last night we planned on having a departing testimony meeting as a district and just a little before, I finally got my voice back, even though it was really rough and quiet. So I was able to share my testimony with my district right before we all split up. Pretty amazing. It’s crazy how close we all got in just six weeks. 3 of us, including my companion, left this morning, and 3 more leave in a few hours. One leaves tomorrow, and 2 of us leave Wednesday (me). The last is waiting for his visa and will leave sometime in the next week or so. I’m outta time but can’t close without a funny quote, so this week is featuring Elder Anderson. During class our teacher was trying to get us excited to study subjunctive, so he was jumping up and down. Elder Anderson said, “There are many things that bring joy in my life, and one of them is men jumping.” He tried to fix it by explaining what he meant, but there was no saving it. So anyway. I’ve gotta go, but I love all of you. Take care and I’ll talk to you very soon! Next time you hear/read from me I’ll be in Virginia! Be safe and obedient!
Hermana Karson
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