Newport News 5-6-13

Holy canoli has this week been nuts. All the days are starting to blend into one and I’m not sure what I have and haven’t told you, so forgive me if I repeat or leave out any information. So I think I mentioned in my last e-mail how we met an amazingly golden potential investigator knocking doors? Well, turns out she belongs to another church that will remain un-named for the present moment, and when her pastor found out the Mormons had talked to her he scared her into calling us back and telling us never to step foot on our property again. Well that was fun. I was so excited and was sure that she was so ready for the Gospel, but I guess not. So we were without an appointment for Tuesday night after dinner. We’re pretty used to appointments falling through, so we always have backup plans. We decided to visit a previous investigator just to introduce ourselves and see where she was in terms of the discussions. So we knock on the door and she answers, looking extremely peeved, and we proceeded to introduce ourselves. Sort of. We only got, “Hola como es…” out before she told us not now and to go away. Just before she closed the door in our faces my companion asked her if there was anything we could do for her. She opened the door again and looked at us like we were either angels or locos. After a couple seconds she told us there’s nothing anyone could do.” She again started to close the door when my companion stuck her foot in and asked “Segura?” She opened the door again and looked like she was about to cry. She gestured for us to come inside. As we entered we saw a young woman who turned out to be her daughter at the table sobbing her eyes out. Well, long story short, we had come in the middle of a small crisis and her daughter was distraught. We spent a long time just comforting her and then started to read her scriptures that had comforted us when we were upset. As she calmed down we started discussing the role of Christ and the Comforter in our lives with her and her mother, the previous investigator. Then we prayed with them and that was an amazing experience all on it’s own. By the end of the night, they both trusted us and were excited to start taking the discussions. It wasn’t until we left that we realized that if the first woman who we thought was so ready to hear the Gospel hadn’t have called and cancelled, we would never have gone to their house that night and been able to show them right then and there how we can be comforted through the knowledge of the Gospel. So we were able to witness several other instances where the Lord has His hand in the work from start to finish. Every time something good falls through, something better comes along. It truly is amazing. I am so blessed to be here at this time. The Spanish is still really difficult for me, but I know I’ve improved so much just in the last couple weeks. Just to give you an idea, everything you’ve seen from West Side Story about how fast Puerto Ricans talk, is true. Except way faster. And Ecuadorians talk even faster than that. It’s nuts. I’m still translating the first sentence they said when I realize they’ve already moved on to another topic. But I love it. The people here are really generous and nice. We’ve had people feed us meals almost every single day we’ve been here. I’ve already had to start a recipe book for all the amazing dinners we’ve had. I’ll have to send you some to try out at home. Thank you again for all the mail and support. I really really appreciate it. I love and miss y’all so much and can’t wait to hear back!

Hermana Karson

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