Newport News 5-13-13

Has it only been one week? This week has been so long I can’t believe it! The days are all a blur and I can hardly remember anything that’s happened, but I know it’s been forever since I last e-mailed. The sun is finally starting to come out here and I think it might be the beginning of summer. This is really nice for tracting because when the weather is nice, people are outside in their yards and it’s easy to talk to them.

This was one of the more difficult weeks in my mission so far. Sometimes it’s frustrating when people don’t follow through on what they say they will. We were so sure that we would have at least 4 of the people we are teaching come to church yesterday, but they all backed out or just didn’t show up. So it’s really sad when you see people that need the blessings of the Gospel so much and simply choose not to accept them. That darn thing called agency. But even if the people we teach aren’t growing right now or choosing to act on the witnesses they’ve received, we can at least know that we are doing our best and at the very least planting a whole bunch of seeds. I never really liked leaving unfinished work, but I guess it all just boils down to having enough faith to know that the Lord has put me here in Newport News at this specific time with these specific people for a reason, whether that be to baptize or to plant seeds. My companion told me this week that Elder Holland didn’t baptize a single soul on his mission. And now he’s one of the apostles of the Lord. So I figure that for the next 16 months (crazy I’ve already been on my mission for 2) I’m going to plant so many seeds that the missionaries that come along later to harvest are going to have some serious work to do. Everything in the Lord’s time right?

That’s about all I have for this week, but in honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, I wanted to share a thought really quick that I had this week. In 1 Nephi 3:7 there’s the famous reply of Nephi to his father that he will: “Ire y hare lo que el Senor ha mandado, porque se que el nunca da mandamientos a los hombres sin prepararles la via para que cumplan lo que les ha mandado (sorry I don’t have it memorized in English). Well a much less well-known scripture is in 1 Nefi 5:8, where Sariah has just finished murmuring against Lehi for sending her sons out to obtain the records from Laban without knowing they’ll be safe. At this point they return and she repents and says: “se de seguro que el Senor ha protegido a mis hijos, los ha librado de las manos de Laban y les ha dado poder para llevar a cabo lo que el Senor les ha mandado” So pretty much she’s just said the exact same thing Nephi said earlier, that she knows the Lord always gives a way to complete the commandments he gives. Thinking about this more I realized it’s very possible that Nephi learned this from his mother. Sariah probably taught her sons that the Lord never gives a commandment without a way to complete it. Just look at the influence she had. Sariah is always recognized as murmuring before her sons returned, but I think she rarely gets the credit she deserves for being the mother of one of the most famously faithful prophets of the Book of Mormon. I too have been born of “goodly parents” and am so grateful for the influence they’ve had in who I am today. Shout out to all the mothers who have been a good example for me in my life. Happy belated Mother’s Day.

Hermana Karson

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