Newport News 5-20-13

We planted a lot more seeds this week. My companion has been sick lately and it’s hard for her to speak, so I ended up doing most of the talking when we were able to leave the apartment and invite people to church. Maybe the fact that I was the one stumbling over the Spanish so much had something to do with the number of doors that were slammed in our faces. If I had to guess, there’s probably a correlation. But nevertheless, we did have our first investigator come to church yay! She’s 17 years old and dating the branch mission leader’s son who is leaving on a mission this summer, so that probably helped, but she genuinely loved it. She told us that everything just makes so much more sense now and it’s like everything we’re teaching her and everything she learned at church just connects and supports each other. Isn’t it amazing how the Gospel works? So she’s going to be coming back next week and hopefully we’ll get to teach her again soon too. We have another investigator who we’re still excited about, but she’s been going through a lot of rough stuff lately, so hopefully we can hang on to her.

So embarrassing moment for this week. We had dinner at a sister in the Branch’s house like we do every Saturday. So we just finished eating some amazing enchiladas and as we’re all talking around the table she comes up behind one of the Elders holding a cake (it was his birthday the next day). I thought it was a really pretty cake, so I told her so. So everyone turns and looks at it. Come to find out, it was a surprise. Oops. Ha. I won’t be able to live that down for a while.
Well, I want to thank everyone for the letters and support. I’m so thankful for such great family and friends. I hope y’all have a blessed week.
Hermana Karson
P.S. Please do a favor for me. Pray and think about someone who needs the Gospel in their life. Invite them over for dinner or lunch or something with the missionaries. We all pray for members that are involved in missionary work, so maybe by doing so you’ll be answering the prayers of a servant of the Lord, as well as your friend who needs the blessings the Gospel brings.

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