Newport News 5-27-13

I can’t believe it’s only been a week! Do I say that every week? Because I feel like I do. I’m not sure I can even remember most of it! But a few points. Saturday we went to Shenandoah National Park for a branch hike. I’ll attach some pics so you can see, but it was absolutely beautiful! We went on a six mile hike, and our branch mission leader and branch president were the two in charge of that hike (there was a smaller one for the kids). Suffice it to say, they’re both in the military and had whistles. You can imagine. We ran up the mountain. Ran. And missionaries don’t exaggerate. But even though we were going so fast, it was hard to miss how amazing everything around us was. Sunday we were dragging and so sore. We had a pretty busy day with appointments and church and such, so I actually forgot it was my birthday until later. It was Sunday so we didn’t get any mail, so I wasn’t expecting any surprises. But at 9:30 as we were finishing daily planning the elders in our district showed up with a cake and sang. It was really thoughtful. Then as we were getting ready to go to bed, the Stake President’s family showed up with a cake and sang to me! I was so touched. The people here are so great. So it was a pretty good day. Yesterday being Memorial Day and all I’m a day late on the e-mail, but apparently 24 hours makes a big difference in the amount of things I remember from this week. I just know that it was full of ups and downs with nothing exciting to report, but we still have some really solid investigators that we’re working with. So please pray for the work! I know you will each be blessed as you pray for missionary opportunities and seek them out. The message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone, whether they are single or have a family, don’t believe in God or regularly attend their own church, old and young, financially stable or not. And whether they know it yet or not, everyone needs the joy that the Gospel brings. Spencer W. Kimball (I think?) once said: “The Gospel makes bad men good, and good men better.” Many a prophet have testified of the blessings that come of missionary work, so pray for the courage, open your mouth, and the Lord will give you the words to say in the very moment that you need them. The Church is true.

Hermana Karson

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