Virginia Chesapeake Mission

So this week. Whew. Where to start. Well, I think I’ve written about the investigator we had that was super solid and that we found working in her garder a few weeks ago? She didn’t believe in God at first and was super aggressive when we talked to her, but through a tender mercy of the Lord it started pouring outside and she invited us in. As we met with her over the weeks it became clear she was really special. We met with her twice a week and usually for about 2 hours each appt because of all the questions she had. She always kept the committments we gave her and just within a few weeks her whole countenance changed. The way she spoke, the way she treated her children, and just the way she carried herself, you could literally see the difference the Gospel was making in her life. It was amazing to witness. We were really excited about her. Then she missed our last appointment, which never happened before. We called and rescheduled, and she said she was really busy and would have to call us back, which also never happened. So I guess a small part of me saw it coming when she sent us a text message saying she didn’t want to meet with us anymore. But still, it was pretty shocking. We had been struggling with unity in the branch for a while and we were having a hard time meeting with people more than once, so when our only solid progressing investigator dropped us, I felt like everything just fell apart at once. It was a rough day. All the rest of our appointments fell through the rest of the day, so we decided to visit less actives. We stopped by to see a family that had been active until recently, and we knew what the problem was, so we were very bold with them because everyone else seemed to sugarcoat the issue. They were pretty quiet the whole lesson, but seemed like they understood that they needed to suck it up and move on. Apparently not, because a little while after we left, we got a message from some other missionaries in the branch telling us that this family had asked them to tell us not to come by their house anymore. Yeah. Yaknow the Avengers stickers you sent for my birthday? I stuck a sticker of the Hulk on that day because that’s how I felt. Ha. So now I’m studying the Christlike Attributes chapter of Preach My Gospel. Anyway, so we had literally nothing left to do the rest of the week seeing as everyone had dropped us or we had already visited them. So we knocked doors. In one area we noticed a man who had been kinda watching us from his door since we got there, but we kinda ignored it. But we walked by him as we were leaving and were impressed to go back and talk to him. Turns out he was a member who hadn’t been to church for a while and we somehow missed his name on the records. He was worried everyone would be mad at him for missing so many Sundays and didn’t want to go back and face them. We addressed his fear and he showed up to church yesterday! He also gave us the new address of another less active member who wasn’t on our records. And a family we had visited earlier in the week ended up coming to church as well. So it turned out to be a pretty good week with lots of little miracles. Oh. And we got transfer calls yesterday. I’m staying here for another transfer, which means I will be in the Chesapeake Mission now. So the new address is:

Virginia Chesapeake Mission
11151 Cherokee Rd.
Portsmouth VA 23701
Well, I think that’s about all I have time for this week, so until next time. Have a great week. Miss you. Love you.
Hermana Karson

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