Newport News 6-17-13


This week kinda flew by. Monday we went to the zoo, and since I didn’t have time to e-mail that day I already told you all about it on Tuesday. After e-mailing we went to visit some people. Sort of. Not kidding, we stopped by 8 houses and 2 people were home. One of which slammed the door in our face. But we ended up having a little lesson with a less active member after, so it was okay. The next morning all of our appointments and backup plans fell through, so we visited some people we hadn’t planned to. We had been given 2 referrals from some other missionaries; a mother and daughter. They lived together with the daughter’s husband, who is very against the church. When we showed up she answered the door and her husband was right behind her, so we just asked for her mom. Once he left she quickly told us to come back next friday morning when he wasn’t home so she could listen too. So we will hopefully get to see them this week! We just hope and pray the husband’s heart will be softened so she can come to church with her mom, who’s already been once or twice. We had a couple other appointments that night, but they didn’t work out, so the only thing left was soccer. We play futbol every wednesday night at the church, and usually we have a couple nonmembers there, but we had never had one of our investigators come until last week. We met this kid at the flea market last Saturday, and had a lesson on the spot. For anonymity’s sake, his name is Jose. Well, Jose is from Guatemala and has only been here a little while. He’s completely alone in this country. He has brothers and sisters back in Guatemala, but his parents died when he was just 10. We found out yesterday he’s only 19 years old, but he’s been supporting himself for years. He wasn’t raised going to church or anything, so he has close to no knowledge of religion. He just believes in God. He prays every morning and every night, and tells us every time we meet how blessed he is. His life is so hard, but he’s so grateful for everything he has. He just lights up every time we talk about Christ. You can just feel his desire to be close to Him. He’s the sweetest most humble boy I’ve ever met. Yesterday we had planned to talk about the Restoration with him and break it down, but for some reason we didn’t feel it was right and talked a little about everything, but a lot about faith. He told us how he never drinks or smokes because he knows God doesn’t like it, and how he always feels really bad when his roomates use bad words. He told us about the promises he’s made with Heavenly Father and how he’s protected him all these years, so now it’s his turn to do his end and go to church. He is just the picture of meekness and faith. We invited him to be baptized last night and he immediately agreed, so we plan on setting him with a date this Wednesday. Then there’s this other woman we met with, and her two teenage daughters joined in the lesson too and want to keep learning more with her. She said next week she’s going to ask her husband to listen too. They’re just the sweetest family and we have really big hopes for them. It’s amazing how so many things fall through to make way for even greater blessings.

This morning we got a phone call from President Perry, which gave us both a heart attack, but he just called to ask my companion to take on a new trainee. So Wednesday we’re getting a new companion, mid-transfer, straight from the MTC. Apparently they’re getting so full they’re testing missionaries’ language skills, and if they’re good enough, they just send them straight to their missions! So this week we’ll be a trio. I’m really excited and I just know that it’ll be a good experience.
Last thing before I leave. I’m attaching a few pictures from dinner we had at a member’s house Saturday. She’s just the sweetest. My birthday and another elder’s birthday was in May, and she made a cake for us and apologized that it was so late. Bless her heart. So that’s what those are!
I love you all and can’t wait to hear back from you!
Hermana Karson

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