Newport News 7-8-13


First and foremost, Happy late Fourth of July! Thank you to all of the men and women who have fought for our freedom, and who keep our country safe. Your sacrifice is appreciated. 4th of July here was great. We got the day off, and got to stay out late (until 10:30). We were going to watch the fireworks, but decided we wouldn’t be able to make it back home in time, so ended up making s-mores in the oven, which in my opinion, taste way better than fireworks. Oh. Back to the beginning of the week. So Monday I got my haircut. Like I told Benjamin, if he cut his hair I’d cut mine. And he did. So I did. It was getting too hot to walk around like Cousin It, so I decided to chop it. 10 inches. Gone. It’s taken some getting used to, and with the humidity sometimes I look like a lion, but it’s so much cooler, and therefore worth it. Monday was also the first official day of the Virginia Chesapeake Mission, so Tuesday when we had Mission Conference we met President Baker and his wife. There have already been some pretty big changes, but he’s an inspired man, so I feel confident with the direction he’s leading the mission. And it’s a good thing I gained that testimony the first day I met him with the phone call we got yesterday. Since the Richmond mission split, the Chesapeake mission was put a week behind to coordinate with the transfer periods of the MTC or something, so we lost a week. So instead of transfers being next week, they’re this week. So instead of transfer calls being made next Sunday, they were made yesterday. We were teaching Spanish at a member’s house when the phone rang, and since they only call if a change is being made, we knew one of us were leaving. And since the caller ID said President Baker, we knew it was a big change. We excused ourselves and put it on speaker, and he asked to speak with me. Most of what he said was a blur, but from what I remember and what my companions have told me, I’m going to Gloucester. I’m opening the area for Spanish speaking missionaries. And. I’m training a new Hermana straight from the MTC. And I’m not even finished with my own training. So this Thursday I’m going to the training meeting where I’ll receive more information, and then the transfer meeting where I’ll receive my trainee. Hermana Flores and I opened up this area when we came to Newport News, but there had already been Spanish missionaries here for a long time, just not Hermanas, so it was really different. This time there are absolutely no Spanish missionaries there and they don’t have a Spanish branch. Which means from what I gather, that we’ll be bringing Spanish investigators to the English ward and translating for them. So here’s hoping my new companion already speaks Spanish, because if not our investigators may be hearing a very different message than the one I translate. Fake it til you make it right? Ha. I know the Lord knows what he’s doing, but I sure don’t, so hopefully everything will work out! I’m still a little in shock, but really I’m excited to go and find some people to teach in Gloucester. The Stake President’s vision is that one day this will turn into a Spanish Stake, so I guess what better way to start than to get some branches started. I hope all is and are well back home and I love each and every one of you! Good luck to Will who’s leaving on his mission to Argentina next week, and Rachel who’s just started hers in the MTC! Keep up all the missionary work.

Hermana Karson

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