Gloucester 7-15-13




New companion, new area, new ward, new people, new apartment, etc.
This has been a week of changes. I’m in a place called Gloucester VA.
We’re opening up the area to Spanish which is so exciting! We’re
spending most of our time looking for Hispanics to teach, and hadn’t
had much luck where we’re living, sodecided to take a trip up north
to Deltaville to follow up on some leads. We seriously feel like
detectives. We were lead from one place to another on the word of some
people in town, and it was like a treasure hunt. We finally ended up
at a big farm, and found a bunch of migrant workers. Because of food
regulations and such, we couldn’t actually talk to the workers, but we
left lots of pamphlets and Book of Mormons with the boss, so we plan
on following up in a couple days. The members have been super helpful
and we already have lots of referrals to contact whenever we go back
up there, so we’re excited about that. We’re living with a member
right now that goes by “big momma” in the ward, and she’s just about
the sweetest little old lady you ever did see. They’re working on
getting us an apartment up further north so we won’t have to drive so
far every day, but until then we’re being spoiled living with Big
Momma. The area is really pretty and the people are super friendly. I
miss the Spanish branch a little. Church in English just isn’t the
same. Most of our ward are converts, and we seem to hear some
interesting new doctrine every time we talk with them.

Every time someone goes up to the pulpit and says “good morning brothers and
sisters,” there’s always the response “good morning!” by the
congregation. My companion and I couldn’t help but laugh when we went
to the ward for the first time yesterday. Like I said, they’re
friendly. Speaking of my companion, her name is Hermana Valdez, and
she’s from Utah. She’s a native Spanish speaker (thank goodness), so
she only spend 2 weeks in the MTC. She finds knocking doors very
exciting and we’ve been doing a lot of that lately, so it’s been good.
We’re working hard and very hopeful about this week. I miss all of
you. Shout out to Will Welch who’s going into the MTC this week! The
work is hastening. Don’t let it move on without you! Love ya’ll!

Hermana Karson



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