Gloucester 7-22-13

I think the ball is starting to roll. It’s been very slow going
lately, but we see things changing a little bit every day.  In the
beginning of the week President Hamilton (the Stake President) and his
family came up to Gloucester and took us out to dinner. We got to talk
to him a little about his vision for the area and get some ideas of
how to help the area. The next day we went to visit some less active
members. We weren’t able to really get anywhere with a few of them, so
we came back a couple days later in service clothes and asked to help
with something. They were a little hesitant at first, but it didn’t
take long for them to put us to work. We spent most of that day
sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, spraying, washing,
mowing, you name it. We were wiped out after a while, but we feel like
some of the families we helped started to finally see us as servants
of the Lord. So we’re hoping to continue to do missionary work like
Ammon to soften the hearts of the people. We’ve been working mainly
with less actives this week since we’ve had such a hard time finding
people to teach in Spanish. But we had heard from several sources that
Walmart was the place to be on Friday nights to find Hispanics, so we
asked permission to stay out late, and spent a few hours walking
around there. And waddya know. Around 7 o’clock, we started seeing the
first of many Spanish-speakers walking down the isles of Walmart. By
the time we left, we had 5 new lessons set up and many more names and
numbers. So we plan on doing that every Friday night from now on. When
we’re not visiting less actives or walking around Walmart, we spend
our time traveling to other towns around Gloucester to find people to
teach. It’s been something of a wild goose chase so far, but yesterday
we talked to one of the counselors on the Stake Presidency, and he
gave us lots of helpful names and information to find more people to
teach. So we plan on following up on all those this week and we expect
things to really start moving forward.
Last night we got some members to drive us up to Deltaville, a little
itty bitty town at the top of our area, for a few appointments we had.
We had three different lessons scheduled with three different people,
but ultimately each and every one of them stood us up. It was a bit of
a bummer, especially since we had members driving us. We were just
about to leave when it was suggested that we pray. So we did, and the
thought came to visit a friend of someone’s that lived in the area
before we left. We drove over there and it looked like there was
nobody home, but we decided to knock anyway. As we were just about to
knock, the door opened and she invited us in. So we came and sat down,
and over the course of the discussion she told us that she had
recently left her church because she felt that she could no longer
serve the Lord sufficiently there, and had prayed to know where the
Lord would have her go next. She was waiting on an answer when we came
up to the door. She then told us how she truly believes the Lord
answers prayers through other people sometimes, and here we were. Then
she turned to me and said, “Just look at you. You’re glowing. You’re
positively glowing.” Then she told us that we must be her answer
because of it. So she asked for all the information to our church and
promised to come next Sunday and bring all of her hispanic friends
that she could, because she knew the Lord was giving her an answer. As
disappointing as it is when people blow us off for appointments, it’s
all worth it when the Lord puts you in the path of someone who’s
searching for answers. Getting doors slammed in your face and people
yelling and cursing at you never gets any easier, but the work is
always worth it.

Hermana Karson


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