Gloucester 8-5-13

It’s been a slow week in a lot of ways. Our numbers weren’t quite as high as we’d hoped, but also, we got stuck in traffic. A lot. We had meetings all this week and none of them were where we live, so we ended up driving all over the place. We had a meeting in Virginia Beach one day and were supposed to be back for an appt in Deltaville that evening. We left the meeting at 2:30 so we figured we’d have plenty of time and then some. But we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for FOUR HOURS. They closed the road and we couldn’t go anywhere for a long time. That happened twice. Thus the lackof appointments. But cross your fingers this week will be better! We ended up going out of our area for church yesterday at the Stake President’s request, and found a ton of people to teach! So that was good. We were hoping to be able to move into our new apartment that’s more centrally located soon, but apparently it won’t be ready until September first, so we’re really going to be struggling with miles. Lots of factors make it difficult to have meetings with our investigators, but that just means someone is working extra hard because they’re going to be extra awesome! We have lots of people to contact the coming week and I just know it’ll be awesome. Quick miracle story. We had planned to go up  to the top of our area on Saturday to see if we could track down some lessons with potential investigators, but most of the people we wanted to talk to only stop working when the weather is bad. So Hermana Valdez and I each prayed the night before that it would rain. The next morning we woke up and it was bright as can be, but in companionship study we prayed again, and what do you know. An hour later it starts pouring. We got up to see our potential investigators and we were able to see someone in almost every place we went to. Never underestimate the power of prayer! I hope each and every one of you have a spectacular week filled with little miracles.Love,
Hermana Karson



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