Gloucester 8-12-13

I think I always start off saying it’s been a crazy week, but man, has this week been crazy! It started off pretty normally (as normal as a week in the life of a missionary can be), and we had a few appointments, most of which fell through, meetings, etc. Then mid-week we went on exchanges and I learned SO MUCH. The problem with being so far away from everyone else in the mission is that we don’t have much contact with the other Spanish speaking missionaries outside of our district. So it was a minor mind-blowing experience to learn how to plan more effectively from another Hermana. I don’t think I’ve gotten that excited about goal setting in a while. But at the end of the exchange, we got a call from President Baker (which is always scary) telling us that my companion Hna Valdez and I would be temporarily split up to accommodate an emergency transfer for another companionship. So that added to the craziness. So I am now training my second trainee, who speaks 0 Espanol. So it’s been difficult and I feel completely unqualified to carry the Spanish by myself, but I feel like I’m improving for sure and I’m grateful for that. We’re working together on her Spanish and she’s learning really quickly. I think this will be a blessing, however challenging it might be.

One of the first items of business was to get her some food, so we went to the Walmart. There we saw a large group of former investigators, whom we’ve had to stop teaching because one of them happened to be in love with me. No big deal. At first he was just a little confused and once I explained our rules as missionaries (no dating), he seemed to understand and was embarrassed about the whole thing. But the next week he sent us a message professing his love. So we figured we would have to talk to our leaders again, but before we got the chance, he called again. For emphasis I guess. After that my companion and I felt very uncomfortable and decided to stop teaching him until we could have other Spanish missionaries (preferably elders) go teach him. But every once in a while we’ll run into him around the area and have to awkwardly avoid them. How nice that my new companion’s first experience in Gloucester was not talking to Hispanics in Walmart. She must have thought I was such a bad missionary until I explained the situation. But she’s taller than all of them, so I think we’re safe ;) .
All in all, it was a challenging week, but one filled with growth. So until next time, cuidense mucho!
Hermana Karson

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