Gloucester 9-3-13

I may have forgotten to tell ya’ll last week that I wouldn’t be able to e-mail yesterday. Oops. But anyway, here’s a rundown of the last couple weeks. We had our first full week together as a companionship and man oh man am I lucky with my companions. They’re both from Utah and they’re just great. They went to the Mexico MTC so they had a very different experience than I had in Provo. It sounded really interesting. We all get along great and sometimes it’s hard to focus because we like to talk to each other too much, but we’ve been working really hard and we’re starting to see some fruits of our labors, and the groundwork that we laid when we opened this area. Since we cover two whole areas, we keep track of the numbers from both. So in one area we had one investigator attend church, and in the other 3 investigators came with a friend they brought. It was awesome! The Spirit was really strong, which was really nice because I translated into Spanish and I’m not sure they actually understood all that much ha. It was fast and testimony meeting, but it ended up turning more into fast and story time, so it was really difficult to translate. I just don’t have the vocabulary I need to talk about dirty gas stations on trips across the country last summer to visit a great aunt that lives in a gunsmith shop. I guess I know what I need to focus on in language study…But really it was great and the wards were really welcoming and our visitors were excited about coming back the next week. Hopefully they will! Another awesome experience this week was when a family in the branch invited a couple investigators over for dinner and a lesson at their house. They went to great lengths to make them feel comfortable and welcome and it was very special. One of the guests almost cried with gratitude. That environment was especially helpful when we asked him to be baptized, and he said yes. So we have a date planned later this month and we’re all very excited. But the miracles didn’t end there, because after the lesson was over, we asked the other man to pray. We had tried to help him pray for weeks and he never would. We finally found out why; he was angry at God for allowing him to be injured in a work-related accident that caused the loss of his leg. We had tried really hard to focus on prayer and had asked him multiple time to pray, but it wasn’t until this night at a member’s home that he finally softened his heart and offered a simple prayer. It was so powerful and when he was finished you could just see the light in his face. It was so touching, and I wish we could continue to work with him, but he’s moving back to his country this week. He said he really wanted to search out the Church there too though, so hopefully this will only be the beginning of his journey.
I’ve been so blessed to see so many miracles in my mission already, and I just know more will follow. Thank you all for your love and support. Hasta la proxima semana!
Hermana Karson

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