Gloucester 9-30-13


I’m gonna have to keep this one short because there’s a little countdown to restart on the computer and I have approx. 10 minutes. But this week was a wacko one. We’ve been planning like madwomen to get our Hispanic Heritage Fiesta thing going, and with General Conference this weekend, we have one less meeting to announce it in. We’ve been forced to go through the Stake directory making phone calls to people making sure they’re aware of the activity and planning on coming. That’s been a little stressful, but we’re excited about the activity and we’re expecting it to be a big turnout. Speaking of big turnouts, we were asked to help out this weekend with a member’s funeral at the church. Most of the ward was going to be at the temple at the same time, so we were keeping things in check with a couple of the sisters from the Relief Society who could make it. The audience of this particular funeral happened to consist mostly of Southern Baptists, and my companions and I were three of the only 6 white people present. It was definitely unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, but it was pretty amazing to how hearts were softened as the service continued and the Plan of Salvation was shared. The Spirit was really strong and I was thankful for the opportunity to be reminded of the sacred nature of life. Even though I was the chorister (which turned out to be more like a soloist), it was a good experience and I was grateful for it. We were also blessed to be able to find a family to teach this week, and they are truly the sweetest family. The mom, dad and 9 year old daughter are all so eager to learn and we’re excited to teach them, so we’ll see what happens! Transfer calls were yesterday and my companions and I will all be staying in Gloucester again this transfer, so we’ll be able to continue working with them. I hope you all have a blessed week!

Hermana Karson

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